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Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints Suitable for 1 Core Copper / Aluminium, Tape / Wire Shield and Lead Sheathed Cables Upto 72.5 kV



Heat Shrinkable Straight through Joint suitable for 1 core copper/aluminium, tape/wire shield and lead sheathed cables upto 72.5 kV. The design has been focused to provide the basic important functions required for high voltage power cable accessories including the electric performance, stress relief measure, environmental seal, mechanical fatigues and other related performance parameters laid down in different countries for various service conditions.


  • Simple installation, No special tools required.
  • Excellent performance and reliability.
  • Outstanding dielectric properties.
  • No shelf life limitations upto or below 50oC.
  • Permanent radial pressure equally distributed on cable profiles.
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis, ozone, UV light & fungus.
  • Immediate energizable.
  • Field proven technology.

Specifications and Standards

Performance test results & GTP for Heat Shrinkable Joints of 72.5 kV rating (In conformance to IEEE-48)

Test Requirement Test Voltage / Parameters Results
A.C. Voltage Withstand Test (Dry) 114 kV for 4 hrs No Breakdown, No Flashover
A.C. Voltage Withstand Test (Dry) 175 kV for 1 Minute No Breakdown, No Flashover
A.C. Voltage Withstand Test (Dry) 145 kV for 1 Minute No Breakdown, No Flashover
Impulse Voltage withstand Test 10 Impulses of each polarity at 325 kV No Breakdown, No Flashover
D.C Voltage Withstand Test 15 minutes for 245 kV No Breakdown, No Flashover
Heating Cycle Test 20 cycles at 1000 C at 2 U0 No Breakdown, No Flashover
Partial Discharge Test < 5 Pc at 57 kV Passes
Humidity Test 300 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes
Salt Fog Test 1000 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes


Cable Size (sq. mm)
Kit Code
16 - 35
CXSSS - 61
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70 - 120
CXSSS - 62
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150 - 300
CXSSS - 63
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400 - 630
CXSSS - 64
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800 - 1000
CXSSS - 65
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