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Mechanical Connector Ferrule

Mechanical shear head connectors


Compaq Mechanical Connectors & lugs are designed for Low and Medium Voltage applications. Such connectors and Lugs are reliable and money saving way of connecting different conductor cross sections and conductor materials for 1 kV up to 42 kV.


  • Wide application range Used with almost every type of conductor and material.
  • Smooth breakage of the shear bolt simplifies tightening.
  • Aluminium or Brass conductor material Good electrical performance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • The head will always shear-off at the required torque moment.
  • No torque wrench required.

Specifications and Standards

Specifications and Standards
Compaq Mechanical Connector and Lugs are tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class A, CENELEC HD 629.1 and HD 629.2 standard.
Mechanical Connector Ferrule
Installation Technique Mechanical
Conductive Material Brass or Aluminium