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Polymeric Surge & Lightning Arrester ( 11-33 kV )


Improving the quality and reliability of medium voltage networks and switching surges related over voltages, Compaq Polymer Surge arrestors & Lightning Arresters are designed and optimized to protect distribution assets including Transformers and other equipment in station and distribution system against damaged caused by lightning affects and operational conditions. It helps withstand severe outdoor exposure over long operating lifetimes and maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations. Compaq polymer arresters have passed the most rigorous tests.

Polymer Surge Arresters

Accessories : Surge Monitor • Insulating Bracket • Disconnector • Steel mounting clamp

Specifications and Standards

Compaq Polymeric Surge arresters have been designed and manufactured in compliance to IEC: 60099-4 and IS: 3070 (Part 3)

Generic Technical Data:

System Application Voltage 0.5-33 kV
Rated discharge Voltage 0.5-33 kV
Rated Discharge Current 5 kA, 10 kA
Line Discharge Class I, II, III
High Current Withstand 65-100 kA
Applicable Design & Standard IEC 60099-4, IS 3070 (Part III)
Arrester Type Distribution Type, Station Type
Arrester Technology Metal Oxide Gapless